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How to Improve on Page SEO for Beginners

March 24 2022 , Written by timseogaruda Published on #SEO, #on page seo, #wordpress

How to improve on page SEO? If you are a new learner of digital marketing, you may be wondering about how to improve on page SEO. The purpose of implementing SEO techniques is to increase website traffic and volume. So, you can maximize sales. Here is some information about how to improve SEO on the website.

Registering a Website on Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free platform for website owners. This platform makes it easy to monitor your website performance on Google's organic domain.

Installing Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps identify the behavior of website visitors. Website owners can find out the movement of visitors from the first page they visit. The movement of visitors can be seen by website owners until the last page the visitor visited. Of course, it is before leaving your website.

Submit Sitemap

A sitemap is a list of all web pages that visitors and search engines can access. The existence of a sitemap makes it easier for search engines to find your website and index it faster. The sitemap will also inform search engines when there are changes to the website structure.

Keyword Research

When planning to create content, you should research keywords first. Skipping this step is a fatal mistake. This activity will help website owners find relevant keywords for readers.

Creating Interesting Content

When someone types a keyword into a search engine, of course, expects a complete answer as a solution to the problem. Google is also aware of user needs, so it starts to prioritize actual content and occupies the top position in search results.

Maximizing Internal Links

Internal links have a significant role in SEO optimization. Internal links are links from the same website. So, internal links help search engines understand the context and relationships between pages on a website.

Increase Website Speed

Increasing website speed is one of the on-page SEO techniques that SEO activists need to apply. Because, no matter how good the content you create, visitors still don't tolerate websites that load slowly.

Some of these how to improve on page SEO can start implementing them on your website. So, increasing the number of visitors to the website is not enough to create relevant content. Do not forget to pay attention to other factors as well.


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